Mehr- Olia’s Reminiscences is the forth and final volume of the Mothers and Daughters saga.  As the title suggests this book is all about Oli, (as Mehr- Olia is called by her entourage), an old woman with a long and eventful past full of dreams, ideas, joys, sorrows, hopes and despairs. She recalls her childhood friends, the way of life back home, her love, her birthplace that she has been forced to leave about half a century ago. She talks about her family around her, life in exile and the city where she has spent over fifty years of her life.

Those familiar with previous volumes of the quartet are used to the delicacy and richness of the language and style of this oeuvre; however the critics are unanimous in saying that the prose of Mehr- Olia’s Reminiscences has surpassed the magnificence of the preceding volumes.

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